Monday, 29 July 2019

Life Death

Life's too short,
Oh brothers and sisters,
To the stranger,
To the one you love.

What's the guarantee,
Them again you will see?
Be kind.

You might be the last person they see,
Or of the one they dream.
You might be the last person they talk to,
You maybe the one of few they do to.

There isn't enough time,
Enough time to get bitter and contemplate.
Act now, be here, now, before it's too late.

You may call this morbid,
Or me cynical,
But oh dear brothers and sisters,
The only truth of life, is death.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Inward Bound

From illusion to disillusion,
From disillusion to dissolution,
That is what life is about.

It could take a second,
Or many more,
It could take a lifetime,
Or many more.

A self-made cage,
with sticky tape on it.
The longer you wait,
The more things keep sticking,
And the cage starts to look,
Like all there is to life.

Till one day, a ray of light,
Pierces through what's stuck on the surface.
And when you get to peak through the hole,
You realise what a fool you have been!
There is more to life than you have or can see.

The only way out of this prison,
Is going in.
No, not in the cage,
You already are there!
More inward, in you.

Countless journeys you may take,
To lands far and near,
But the truth they say,
You don't have to move,
It's all here.

So as Jalaluddin Rumi ,
I too ask you,
"And you?
When will you begin that long journey inward?"

Friday, 28 December 2018

For Rita

She says nothing,
She says not all.
But her eyes, they talk.

Oh Rita,
Hide behind the masquerade if you will
Don't forget to hide those eyes.
They talk, they tell it all.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Your Fragrance

In the morning, before we part for the day, 
And head out on our own ways,
That tight embrace, 
It leaves a small trace.

A trace of your fragrance,
That keeps me at bay from vices like arrogance.

When such influences come searching for me,
I breath a little deeply,
and your fragrance takes over me.

People sometimes get surprised, 
with the way I handle things.
I just keep telling them,
It's not me, I am nothing.
It's your fragrance.

If just your fragrance,
can make me look like a magician
I wonder what would happen,
If I could carry a part of you with me,
Or even better, I become you, or you become me.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

About Fear

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about living in the moment.
Dwelling upon that I started thinking about fear.
When we fear something or are scared to take action, usually it is not the action, but the consequence of the action that stops us.
Consequences are always, or will always happen in the future.
Referring back to my previous post, if you come to understand that this moment is the only reality, there can be no fear! Or in my case, the level of the 'fear element' goes down drastically.
Now that doesn't mean we go about doing things irrationally, but with thought, making a conscious choice.
I am not perfectly there, but with practice I guess I can get better and one day get there.
I guess so could you.
Best wishes.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

At Home.

The love of my life,
Is soon to arrive.

I look at myself, at my home.
oh so much needs to be done!

I need to clean my room, clean the bathroom!
What if they dine? oh then the kitchen too!
Oh my room, it needs to be vaccumed!
The sheets and covers to the laundry!
Will it still be good enough for my beloved?

The other night I was talking to myself,
fighting with my lover...
Oh why do you leave me!
I turn into a mess without you!

Then I hear my lover quietly whisper,
when am I not with you?
You know this as much as I do,
I never was, am, or will be far from you.
Always at home with each other.
We are, but one.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

At the bus stop

I fell in love,
I fell in love with your voice.

It has such power over me.
It calms me in a second,
In a second it creates commotion within.

Eyes shut if I listen to you,
I feel one with everything.
Like I am talking to myself,
Or you are talking to yourself.

Some people may think of me,
as foolish, like a child,
being enthralled by your 'magic'.
But deep inside I know,
If you are a magician,
I want to learn magic from you.

Oh I am such a lunatic in love!
I no longer want to be like you,
I want to be you.
Or me.
I want to experience that oneness.

I will even let go of this light,
To merge with everything in reality,
In darkness.
I am waiting at the bus stop.
Come take me.